Answers to your Frequent Questions

How long will my Housetron work in my home?

The Housetron has an expected lifespan of 15-25 years.

What size Housetron should I install in my home?

The size of the Housetron is related to your consumption of water. Sizing is very important. For one to four persons living in a home select the ½” Housetron.  For five people and above select the ¾” Housetron.

If you have any questions please give us a call on (844) 966 7225 or email:

Is the Housetron difficult to install?

No. The Housetron is easy to install for a plumbing professional or handy do-it-yourself enthusiast. A section of existing pipe is removed and the Housetron is installed.  The Housetron’s catalytic alloy is housed within a non reactive stainless steel tube that features male NPT’s.  Di-electric fittings are not required and fittings to install the Housetron are readily available from hard ware stores.  For example, a number of customers have installed the Housetron using lead free SharkBite fittings.  The installation process typically takes under an hour.  The Housetron is installed just after the water line enters the house or just past the water meter.

What is the warranty on the Housetron?

The Housetron comes with a one year money back guarantee. If for any reason your Housetron is not performing to your satisfaction, return the unit for a refund (excluding installation and removal costs).

Will the Housetron remove iron deposits or sulfur odor?

No. The Housetron was developed to treat calcium carbonate which is the primary cause of scale. For heavy iron issues or odor from sulfur in the water, a charcoal and particulate filtering system should be installed. The most expensive water softeners on the market cannot eliminate iron or sulfur issues.

Can a Housetron work in a larger commercial multi family dwelling?

Yes. The Housetron can be fitted to work on a single family home, a two family duplex or a 100 unit apartment complex. Our Fluid Dynamics technology can be sized to virtually any water usage.

Why should I buy a Fluid Dynamics system over other water conditioning systems I see on TV, radio and the internet?

Fluid Dynamics offers a unique, cost effective proprietary technology that has no gimmicks, only results. Our proven technology has been used in industrial and commercial plants all over the world for over 40 years. Fluid Dynamics offers a robust, low cost, salt free, electricity free system that is easy to install and works with no moving parts. No other water conditioning system in the world comes close to Fluid Dynamics value and performance.

Can I get a Fluid Dynamics representative to contact me to discuss our commercial / industrial water treatment need?

Yes. Please call us at (844) 966 7225 or email . We will call or write as soon as we receive your information request. If you can provide detailed information on your property or plants water usage, this would be helpful. If we are able to receive a current water analysis, we can run it through our Expert 5 program, a simulator giving a unique and comprehensive evaluation of your scaling issues and how Fluid Dynamics can help.

Will the Housetron eliminate existing scale in my water system?

Yes. Your Housetron will, over time, gradually reduce scale that may have accumulated in your system. Industrial, Commercial and Residential installations have shown reduction of scale of 50+% in a matter of months, and almost total removal over a longer period

What is the largest System Fluid dynamics has available?

Fluid Dynamics has installed units up to 48 inches in diameter for large industrial applications. Please call 844–966–7225 or write us at . We can go over your specific needs and size a system for you based on all factors related to your water.

What other applications besides residential, does Fluid Dynamics offer?

Fluid Dynamics has a full range of products that offer hard water solutions for cooling towers, heat exchangers, humidifiers, evaporative condensers, boilers, agriculture, car washes, mulch dying operations and OEM’s. Call us today to see how Fluid Dynamics can help with your scaling issues.