Big 3 Well System



Problem with high iron content?  Wondering “How can I reduce the iron in my water?” Do you have issues with Manganese or Hydrogen Sulfide?  Our Big 3 Well System is designed to greatly reduce and / or remove these contaminants.

Simple How it Works

When dissolved iron, manganese or hydrogen sulfide come into the Big 3 unit the media within causes these contaminants to come out of solution (precipitate).  They are filtered out by the Big 3 and during the next backwash they exit the system to the drain.


Clear water ferrous iron (Fe2+), manganese and hydrogen sulfide are common contaminants. Depending on your water condition, simple backwashing may be all that is needed for effective reduction of certain contaminants. Enhanced reduction is achieved with the addition of a simple chlorine regenerant tank. Ferrous iron in water (Fe2+) converts to a solid Ferric Iron or simple rust (Fe3+) when it comes in contact with the FerriLite media.

Chlorine can be added to greatly enhance the medias ability to perform in low oxygen or low ORP water sources. In certain water conditions, additional pre-treatment may be needed for effective iron, manganese, and/or hydrogen sulfide removal. A complete water test should be completed prior to installation, click here to learn about well water and testing it. If the water contains iron reducing bacteria, additional treatment methods should be considered including chlorination, retention tank and more. Contact us for assistance to design a water treatment system that will meet your needs.

Note:  The Big 3 requires a power source and access to a drain.