About Us

About Fluid Dynamics

Fluid Dynamics USA is the sole distributor of the Fluid Dynamics product line in the US, Canada and the English speaking Caribbean.  Though Fluid Dynamics have been in business around the world since 1973 it’s only been a few short years since Fluid Dynamics was formed to actively pursue business opportunities in North America.  Over time our distribution network has grown and necessary certifications such as NSF have been awarded.

Headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia our company is driven by its environmentally friendly goals to:

  • Improve the environment through the reduction of chemical usage associated with the prevention and removal of scale.
  • Reduce energy consumption through the prevention and removal of scale in systems.
  • Eliminate the water waste associated with traditional hard water treatment methods such as ion exchange salt based softeners with their backwashing regeneration cycles and reverse osmosis systems with their discharge of reject/waste water.

Making the USA Greener Every Day!

Now available to anyone in the USA, Canada, and the English speaking Caribbean



Visit www.scalepreventionusa.com/find-your-rep/ to find your local representative